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The Interactive Technology Group provides interactive media marketing, consulting, and project management expertise to a wide variety of clients.  In the fast-paced, changing world of interactive technology there is a need to understand the technology and where it is headed and to develop an understanding of how to incorporate new technology concepts into existing technology.  To that end the Interactive Technology Group was founded in 1996 to meet those challenges.

David L. Harter, President, possesses 38 years of direct interactive media experience and has been involved in a variety of projects including training, presentations, public access information systems or kiosks, tourist attractions, interactive television, and website applications.  From the early days of videodisc training for the US Navy and interactive television to today's database-driven web applications, he has moved with the ever-changing terrain of technology.  A recognized speaker in the field of interactive concept design, he is currently working with select companies to introduce interactive technologies and web-based initiatives in a variety of applications.

Remember your first experience with interactivity?  How about the "Winky Dink and You" TV show (1953-1957)!  That's right … we followed the weekly adventures of Winky and friends, helping them by placing an acetate over the screen and following clues to ultimately save them.  Ah … the good old days even though we were marking on the TV screen ... actually the acetate.

A few years later (1982-1983) with the development of the Apple IIe computer and the koala pad, interactivity came to the classroom with the use of Winky-Dink technology for public school trigonometry classes.  Since that time technology has evolved and with that evolution a wide variety of media; videodisc, CD-ROM, DVD, and now, the Internet.  The Internet … I visited DARPA in the early days and I must admit it was a stretch.  My how things have changed.

So how does your company undertake a project or locate a company that has experience using technology that is forever changing?  The answer is simple, you find a company that has been swinging in the technology wind for a long time and knows the latest in technology and media.  Someone who has lived on the bleeding edge always trying to merge the client's message with the most advanced technology media solutions.

So why the Interactive Technology Group?

No staff … that's right … no staff.  Having been entrenched in the Central Florida media community for over 35 years, the BEST team of professionals can be assembled to produce the optimum, desired result.  Are you looking for an edgy marketing piece for your website or maybe a cartoony, whimsical, fun website?  Do you think the same staff can produce both?

And then there's cost.  With no staff, no overhead, no bricks and mortar, no bennies … the best group of professionals can be provided for your specific job at a reasonable cost.

So … what other reason could there be for NOT contacting us.  Not sure … check out some of our past and present clients and their projects.


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